Monday, 27 March 2017

Week 9: Location drawing in the Hive

For this weeks task, we had to draw differ people, architectural features and  objects in the Hive (Worcester library). Instead of using an ordinary sketchbook, we made maze-books, which is a single sheet of a1 paper but cut up and folded to work like a maze, so when you turn the paper, you end getting lost with what page you are on. Unfortunately I od not have any images to show you of this piece, but I did get many drawings of the books, people, architectural feature such as sculptures, lights, wall patterns, chairs, and the surrounding area.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Week 8: Location drawing river walk

For this week  we were tasked with drawing different locations within Worcester by the river Severn. We weren't to make ordinary drawings though, instead we were to draw what was in front of us but adding  in things that are not there but are view to the right. For example, my second drawing is of some ruins just outside of Worcester cathedral, however, the block of flats in the background are added in and are not visible to the eye if I looked straight forward, but are in view if I look to the left. Making sense now? Good. The top drawing is of the train bridge which goes over the river Severn, however, I have added in a woman who had actually walked past me at the time. Below that drawing is one showing two vans parked up by an old crane. The vans are in the right place, but the crane was actually on an island to the right of me. Same for the man the image too, as he was no where near the vans and was actually closer to me. The final drawing is of the view looking towards the Malvern hills from a bridge which goes over the river Severn. However, there isn't actually a path directly in front of me, and neither is there as giant metal fence blocking hr path.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Week 5 Homework task

Unfortunately I could no attend this weeks class, but I still got the homework task done. We had to draw two different things using any technique we had learnt during this semester. I decided to draw the a sunset view from my bedroom window and a park nearby. Using charcoal all over the paper, I worked back into the two pieces using rubber to get a nice tone and to find the lightest areas. The task was fun since it was up to use with what we wanted to do, however, I feel the bottom drawing could be improved.